About Me

Praveen Sakthivel

Hey! I'm Praveen Sakthivel, an aspiring entrepeneur and student at Rutgers University. I'm pursuing a Dual Degree in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering. When I'm not in class, I like to lift heavy stuff and play with anything that has a silicon wafer inside. I'm a active member of the Rutgers Powerlifting team and Olympic Weigtlifting club. You can also find me at Engineers Without Borders, where I lead our Camden project to convert abandoned lots in Camden, NJ into solar powered, self irrigating gardens to provide fresh produce to Camden Residents. I'm a total tech and basketball geek who enjoys breaking stereotypes. Come take a look at my journey in making cool stuff and redefining what it means to be a computer scientist.

My Career


I designed and implemented a GitOps system to automatically manage user accounts across all developer server machines. I also designed and implemented various Test Automation tools in Python to provide instant feedback for developers and integrated testing tools in Kubernetes and Docker cloud environments, allowing for seamless use in development pipeline.

May 2018
DevOps Intern

Rutgers University

I was commissioned by Rutgers University to create the official app for the statewide event "Rutgers Day". App features include special event information, timings, guided maps and other essential information.

January 2018
iOS Developer


I was tasked with producing a Proof of Concept for a method to convert chrome apps to standalone Windows and Mac Apps. I finished the POC and went on to a develop an automatic conversion process in Java and implement it in a cloud server on Microsoft Azure. The server worked in conjunction with Jenkins and deployed converted build whenever a build finished on Jenkins.

June 2017
Software Development Intern

My Skills

My Projects

Rutgers Day

This is an app I developed for the event Rutgers Day. The app contains live information timings and an interactive map

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Chrome App Conversion

This is a server application that automatically converts Chrome Apps into individual Windows and Mac Apps

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This is an app I designed for my school district to provide a mobile portal for OnCourse System's teacher websites and other essential school information

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